3D Decorative Paint of Kessoku Band – Bocchi the Rock! Decorative Painting – AoTu Panda Studio [In Stock]




  • AoTu Panda Studio
  • Frame
  • 63 * 33cm Estimated (Including Base)
  • Standard Poster ver.:Time-Limited
  • Limited Voice Actors’s Signatures ver.:Limited to 188pcs
  • Shipping Date:Q1 (March) 2023 Estimated


  1. Imported Dutch Special Paper + original Epson ink micro-jet + multi-layered hand-cut collage + Classic Black Solid Wood with dustproof frame + high translucent plexiglass + black moisture-resistant backing + Flannel edge banding.
  2. Limited Voice Actors’s Signatures ver.:Each painting is signed by the Original Voice Actors (Yoshino Aoyama & Sayumi Suzushiro & Saku Mizuno & Ikumi Hasegawa), and comes with a unique numbered collector’s certificate.
  3. The signatures on the original are authentic. The product you are buying is a print of the original.
  4. Free Gift:Complete Set wall accessory kit.


Due to the large size of this product, the shipping cost will be expensive. We won’t know the exact shipping rate until the product is released, but we estimate that it will be just as expensive if not more expensive than the product itself. Please keep this in mind before purchasing. Feel free to email us at support@favorgk.com for a rough estimate on shipping.  

*All of those statues/ items have not included the shipping cost, the shipping cost calculated when ready for shipping, and inform via email.


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